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De’ Longhi – Global

The automatic choice for the perfect cappuccino
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De’Longhi created Lattecrema – a milk frothing and distribution system designed to be partnered with a select range of its premium automated coffee machines. The communications challenge was focused on how we ‘badge’ Lattecrema on products as well as tell a compelling story about the perfect coffee texture, but without interfering with the range branding and hierarchy.


We felt that our solution had to work the hardest at the point-of-purchase, because even with premium products, there is still a percentage of impulsive purchase decision making to exploit.


We worked with De’Longhi’s product design team to perfect a product branding solution and created PoS and on-line collateral that dialed up De’Longhi’s coffee passion by bringing the actual designers to life. We supported the concept with the message “The passion behind the pleasure”.

Latte Creme Sketchbook
Latte Creme Branding Development Image
Latte Creme Branding Development Image
Latte Creme Science Behind The Pleasure Banner
Latte Creme Digital Mockup