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Proof that smoking doesn’t damage your health!
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To communicate how an innovative natural food smoking process could be both irresistible and safe for the reputations of its key customers, technical partners, food brands and, ultimately, consumers.


The current benefits from natural smoking are enhanced further if the toxins are removed and the flavours retained. Besmoke are natural smoke specialists who have applied the art and science of smoke to create naturally smoked ingredients for the food industry.


PureSmoke™ Technology was developed as an endorsement brand – a recognised symbol of safe and flavoursome smoke, applied to all products produced with licenced PureSmoke™ processes. This became a communications ‘flag to march behind’ – the driving force for a more targeted and relevant campaign of emailers, PR, product and sample packaging and on-line communications.

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To date, the new campaign has provided besmoke with exciting new opportunities within more focused target groups of food scientists, food creatives, through to chefs and consumer groups.

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Besmoke spices in spoons
Besmoke Brochure Spread
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Besmoke spices in bowls
Besmoke Smoke Professor Cards
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