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Savour every moment
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Kenwood engaged Idealogy to assist with the positioning and launch of their next generation Chef kitchen machine.

As Kenwood’s icon product, the introduction of an all-new Chef model into a global and highly competitive landscape had special strategic significance to a challenging and expectant internal audience and a progressively sophisticated consumer.

The challenge? To develop a fully integrated global brand strategy to target both audiences


We put our faith in a two-part approach; creating space for Kenwood to re-tell the story of their ‘iconic’ product heritage, values and market position, then providing a powerful emotional consumer connection by triggering the memories and experiences associated with cooking, baking and the pleasure of preparing and sharing food.

Kenwood Chef Sense Mixer
Kenwood photoshoot behind the scenes
Kenwood photoshoot behind the scenes
Kenwood photoshoot behind the scenes
Kenwood photoshoot behind the scenes
Kenwood Swingtag


An elegant Chef Sense positioning statement for global deployment. The project was then delivered through multiple touchpoints by utilising Idealogy’s full range of skills; naming, branding, messaging, storyboard development, pre-production, stills and film-shoot logistics and planning for global TV and POS film, through to model casting, location and prop sourcing, and our full portfolio of creative skills including art direction, copywriting, POS/merchandising concept development, print advertising guidelines and a preliminary digital strategy.

Kenwood Chef Sense Washing Line
Kenwood Dinner Party
Kenwood Chef Sense Advert
Kenwood Chef Sense Booklet