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Teachers Building Society

When beautifully normal is ‘Surprisingly Different’
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To grow the market share of a regional building society that was ‘founded by teachers for teachers’. Working within an industry ruled by compliance, meant that we needed to focus even harder to find a point of difference that was bigger than the products.


The customer satisfaction and loyalty statistics were significantly better than anything we had ever seen. We felt that the staff and service would prove to be ‘the difference’ we were looking for. We discovered that their authenticity and accessibility all contributed to a ‘Surprisingly Different’ customer experience. It was this combined with their bespoke underwriting policy for the teaching profession that we wanted to promote as the foundations for the new brand position.


“Working with the Idealogy team to find and develop our brand proposition has been a journey of discovery, and a very enjoyable one! The result is a simple but truthful encapsulation of what makes us Surprisingly Different – most importantly, to our customers. Our new creative look & feel, which uses real customers across all our communications brings it to life perfectly. The whole team at Teachers Building Society buys into Surprisingly Different and we are now entering a new phase to embed this theme throughout the organisation and continue to evolve and underpin it with everything we do.”


Jo Clarke, Head of Marketing Teachers Building Society


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