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As a close-knit team of brand specialists and communicators, we focus on demand creation for many respected brands by involving their customers at every TouchPoint and in every conversation
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From surfer dudes
to cake queens...

Who we are

A team is only as strong as its individual components and, without doubt, the Idealogy team contains some strong individuals, bringing a mix of robust beliefs, experience, powerful creative and entrepreneurial instincts.

Simon Dover

Managing Director

More about Simon

Committed to better communication through closer relationships, Simon is a firm believer that you are at your most creative, and do your best work, for the businesses and people you know the best, and whose ambitions you fully understand. So that’s where he focuses! And even at his age (sorry!) he still has faith in in the power of the network.


  • Strategy
  • Proposition development
  • Brand awareness
  • Channel marketing
  • Content development
  • Copy development


Charlotte Blake

Finance Director

More about Charlotte

In Charlotte’s words, “Finance isn’t about shades of grey. It’s black and white. Introduce grey and the business loses focus.” A typically forthright opinion from Idealogy’s long-serving FD. That strength of purpose has served the business well for almost 20 years; so don’t expect her views to moderate any time soon. From inside the business, long may that single-mindedness continue!


  • Management accounts
  • Balance sheet management
  • Strategic forecasting
  • Enterprise management


James Surridge

Strategy Director

More about James

Passionate, committed, even obsessive! James has an uncompromising creative mind, with an insatiable desire to solve any strategic branding or business issue. Equally comfortable operating at strategic or tactical levels and squeezing every last drop of inspiration from a marketing challenge.


  • Brand strategy (including naming and proposition development)
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate guidelines
  • Advertising (including TV and radio)
  • Direct marketing literature/literature frameworks,
  • Customer experience


Simon Warren

Creative Director

More about Simon

A brand and product development specialist with extensive experience in the branded action sports and retail lifestyle sectors. Simon’s understanding of ‘both sides of the fence’ provides balance and insight of client needs and expectations throughout the consultancy process, right the way through to consumer engagement.


  • Product design and development
  • Retail design implementation and strategy
  • Creative direction, content creation
  • Client services and brand management


Steve Gibson

Senior Account Manager

More about Steve

A highly versatile, accomplished and dedicated Senior Account Manager with 23 years’ experience in the industry, both in media and marketing. Ability to manage all the expected and unexpected aspects of large and complex accounts, whilst ensuring excellent results. Adept at dealing with a diverse range of client requirements and ever-changing circumstances authoritatively, accurately and effectively.


Steve Barnes

Senior Producer

More about Steve

Part male-model, part environmentalist, part man-child, frustrated Saints fan, Steven is a complex mix of raw emotion and rock-solid dependability; and if you believe that then you’re no closer to understanding the make-up of one of Idealogy’s most popular, sensitive and hard-working people – the embodiment of our customer experience and its responsibility to never leave a mess for others to clean up. Top bloke…


  • Operations management
  • Resource management
  • Project planning and management
  • Film production
  • Video editing
  • Multimedia production


Emma Allen

Digital Insight and Producer

More about Emma

Beware! We have our very own Digital Native – a child of a media-rich cultural environment and a quick and enthusiastic learner. Emma prides herself on her organisation – a professional life (and maybe personal, but I daren’t ask) constantly driven by lists and a love of spreadsheets.  Emma is the enquiring type; always evolving her broad knowledge of creative, development, business and digital marketing practices so that they inform and underpin her work. And it shows – she’s a confident contributor, a challenger of the conventional and a catalyst for change in the new Idealogy.

Outside of work her passions are food (she says she loves baking, but as yet we’ve seen no visible proof!), animation, particularly the current Japanese Animation industry, board games and theatre. From Idealogy’s perspective, Emma is the first of a new breed.


  • Digital Design
  • Website Analytics and Insight
  • Web Content Management
  • Digital Project Management
  • Development Support
  • Digital Marketing Insight


Darryl Akerman

Head of Design

More about Darryl

Darryl’s deep love of typography has served him well during his long service with Idealogy.  An in-depth knowledge of artwork, print processes, design and online applications, these skills allow him to focus on the right platform for the right project – producing stunning creative for our clients and getting the response results they expect.


  • Brand control and management
  • User experience
  • Corporate identity and guidelines
  • Art direction
  • Exhibitions
  • Events and environments and displays
  • Creative concepts and design development


Leon Flemons

Senior Designer

More about Leon

What does 20 year’s graphic design experience look like?  Leon’s passion is creating standout work that really does the business. His extensive skills bring multimedia design, branding, collateral, 3D animation, mobile content and many other strings to the Idealogy bow. If that sounds too good to be true, he’s also an avid follower of current design and technology trends, equally happy working alone or part of a team. So, creativity, business-like attention to detail, striking work, on time and in full. That’s what it looks like?

Shelley Crouch


More about Shelley

Appearances, as they say, can be deceptive. Shelley may have a passion for Dwarf Lop Eared rabbits and Moomin collectables, but her attitude towards work is far from fluffy. Not to mention hugely adaptable. Able to switch from beautifully vivid sweeping illustrations, to designing cross-media digital platforms. It’s her inherent skill and willingness to learn new disciplines – including the complexities of HTML and CSS coding – that makes Shelley a key member of the creative team.


  • User Experience
  • Wireframe Development
  • Interface Design
  • Brand Development
  • Illustration
  • Infographics

Our journey

28th August 1989 in a small licensed office on Portland Terrace, Southampton, we began our proud journey to become one of the south coast’s leading creative companies. And with a long-standing portfolio of blue chip B2B and Technology clients the business achieved its goal to operate internationally, sustained by an unshakeable reputation for providing thought-leadership, ‘world-class’ branding, multi-media campaigns, creative services and event management.

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