"Half the money I spend on advertising, I mean martech, ahem is wasted. The trouble is I don't know which half."


Same sentiment different issue!

Idealogy’s iDX is a challenging new process using AI at the front-end to predict customer behaviour and value and build world-class customer experiences, relationships and revenue at the back end.

Technology immersion and addiction is deepening daily.


Because, at the heart of it all, we’re just lazy! But here’s the thing – proficiency in utilising martech and realising the true effect and benefit lags far behind current investment levels. And they are huge!

So inevitably, a backlash is in progress!

The opportunity now exists for marketers to predict buying behaviours and customer value and begin to own the buying cycle, the customer experience and sustain revenue momentum through more effective sales and marketing investment. 

Many marketers now feel there is too much focus on precise, highly segmented delivery – the right message, to the right buyers, at the right time –  diverting attention from the very basic necessity to deliver a great customer experience and a simple, but  powerful message

Targeting ‘personas’ is important, but you must have the right ammunition.

iDX is an important process with a pretty simple ethos. Some would even call it disruptive. It gives you customer value predictions BEFORE you invest a cent and it balances ‘the plumbing’ with ‘the persuasion’ (or tech v. engagement) to give you a seamless CX.

But iDX isn’t just technical evaluation. It’s a perfect combination of ‘the artificial’ (technology-driven behaviour and customer value prediction) and ‘the real’ (intuitive human process and workflow that gets you to an investment decision quicker), demonstrating more efficient and dynamic use of marketing budget, inbound enquiry and revenue. So this is not just about technical implementation. iDX focuses on integrating sales and marketing teams and activity, as well as influencing technical and content workflows.

“But how do I know that I need it?”

Well, in an ideal world, the problem would already have been identified as an investment priority through an Idealogy TouchPoints analysis, but its not critical. In truth, the requirement for iDX should be clearly illustrated within any ROI evaluation of current martech investment.

But don’t panic. You will still be able to measure ROI via in-bound customer engagement, content attribution and revenue uplift

  • iDX creates content lifecycles that are beautifully in-sync with your customers and prospects.

  • iDX takes you from customer value prediction to content creation, through technical delivery to full measurement and analysis.

  • It guarantees ROI on your marketing investment, integrating high quality content development with relevant martech selection.

Appreciating and assessing what you’ve got

We all love the sound of ‘new and shiny’, but your greatest assets are right under your nose!

iDX provides you with customer value prediction that will surprise you with its outputs and provide a critical start-point for more effective martech investment downstream.

For more details, a bespoke presentation or simply an estimate for a pilot/feasibility study contact ideas@idealogyltd.com