It's our 30th birthday Bake Off!


How better to celebrate Idealogy’s 30th birthday AND this week’s Great British Bake Off series opener than with an agency-wide Bake Off of our own? The entire team was tasked with baking to one of two themes: Idealogy-Branded or 1989-Inspired. And everyone, yes everyone stepped up to the plate (cough – Mr D? Hellooo!?!? – cough). The sugar-rush is over and the results are in. But first, here are the entries…

  1. Emma – Saved by the Tiffin

  2. Leon – The birth of a new Idealogy

  3. Charlie – Funfetti cake (first created in 1989)

  4. Katie – Salted caramel cheesecake

  5. Steve B – Biscuits from 1989

  6. Sean – Idealogy cake

  7. Shelley – 30 shades of beige sausage rolls

  8. James – Madonna cake

  9. Steve G – Chocolate cake

  10. Louise –  Cupcakes


We voted on the best bakes in three categories:


The Best Taste was a dead heat! It was awarded to both Charlie and Shelley for the delicious Funfetti and ridiculously moreish 30 shades of beige sausage rolls.



Sean was awarded The Most On-Brand award for his imaginatively named Idealogy cake. He bought the cake and got it printed – he’s a cheat! There, we said it! By which of course, we mean congratulations!



The Showstopper accolade was awarded to Leon for his remarkable Berlin Wall homage! Chop’s claim for a ‘cookie assist’ credit for his unasked for cookie wall repair was promptly dismissed – in keeping with everything else that leaves his mouth.

Well done all! Now for a nice lie down.

Sean Atkins