Idealogy Makes Time Fly with Ordnance Survey


Ordnance Survey (OS) is the national mapping agency for Great Britain. They know how to find things. Like finding the perfect creative agency to increase demand for their innovative range of apps and maps during the long spring and summer days of 2019. Which is, of course, why they turned to Idealogy.

The brief

Create a multi-channel campaign proposition that will build an emotional connection between the OS brand and consumers. Oh, and create demand for the OS consumer product range during spring and summer.

The insight

Spring is when everything begins again. The days are longer, the air seems fresher, your steps lighter – these are days you can really make the most of! Plan adventures, create experiences, get out there, explore and have fun. With OS you can do even more with these longer days and really make time fly.

The results

’Make time fly…’ was a campaign that covered print, video, web, digital ads, podcasts, in-store and native advertising. Below is a taste of some of the work we created that led to 5.2 million completed YouTube ad views, a view rate of 80% and over 30 million overall campaign impressions.

Idealogy os time flies.png
Idealogy OS Make Time Fly

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